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Workforce Development

Newland Associates has partnered with Education Solutions International, LLC (ESI) to offer professional services to Employment and Training workforce boards. With the job placement success and recruitment expertise of Newland, coupled with ESI’s owners’ over 30 years of delivering E&T programs, we are able to offer proven programs to  directly assist workforce board, their  clients, or their staff to produce greater results.

The combined team brings state Workforce Board membership experience and a series of Department of Labor workforce programs that have spanned CETA, JTPA and WIA. Together the two company’s owners have delivered over 300 workforce development employment and training programs across the nation since 1979. Almost all of these programs were audited, and the owners point out with pride that there was never a single audit exception, request for returned funds, or failed program.

Projects have included One-Stop operation, youth programs, GED preparation, summer youth operation, customized training, and placement programs for youth, adults and dislocated workers.  Additionally, we have successfully delivered a series of staff development programs for the New England region of DOL, training all regional Job Developers for the Employment Service Division.

Recently, the  team has been in involved in  customized training and training product design (particularly with defense contractors),  GED preparation and services for hardest-to-serve client populations, and  staff development for One-Stop professionals to enhance employer interaction, consulting services, and our most recent design of assisting existing workers and those dislocated to secure academic credits for previous documented work-learning experience so they can expedite securing their academic degrees and credentials.

Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean and Newland Search and Consulting is ready to partner with your organization. With offices in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and San Juan, Puerto Rico; we can partner with your organization not only locally but also with our global partnership of over 270 offices in 48 countries.  Reach out to us today to begin.