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Third Party Workplace Investigations

Third Party Workplace Investigations are crucial to organizations who are dealing with workplace complaints.  Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean and Newland Search and Consulting understands the importance of a neutral investigation into internal employee complaints and accusations. We offer qualified and expert neutral third party workplace investigators to employers who are faced with an internal employee complaint or accusation.

Our HR Consultants have the skills and experience to conduct any internal investigation you may need.  We offer support to the organization when they need to conduct neutral investigations into allegations of employee misconduct, such as:

  • sexual harassment

  • discrimination

  • drug or alcohol use

  • embezzlement

  • workplace violence

  • slander

  • rules violations

  • employee theft

  • misuse of a company’s computer system

  • and much more

Third Party Workplace InvestigationsOur expertise in this sensitive engagement will give your organization the peace of mind that you are working with expert HR consultants who specialize in third party workplace investigations and will give you unbiased, professional results with all matters
from all sides taken into account and properly documented.


Third Party Workplace Investigations should be planned carefully.

Take into account the following steps to get the best results and achieve a neutral workplace conflict investigation:

1. Decide whether to investigate

2. Take immediate action, if necessary

3. Choose an investigator

4. Plan the investigation

5. Conduct interviews

6. Gather documents and other evidence

7. Evaluate the evidence

8. Take action

9. Document the investigation

10. Follow up


However, there is no standard measure for conducting workplace investigations.  Each case will vary based on the isues and the people involved.  All workplace investigations will require neutral, unbiased research and investigators so that all parties are treated fairly and equally.

Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean and Newland Search and Consulting is ready to partner with your organization to ensure a thorough and neutral third party investigation into workplace complaints and accusations.  With offices in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and San Juan, Puerto Rico; we can partner with your organization not only locally but also with our global partnership of over 270 offices in 48 countries.  Reach out to us today to begin.