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WHEN: JUNE 22 – 24, 2014

Career Partners International will be at the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition!

This year’s comprehensive program is designed to give you the full range of an HR education, from the basics that every HR professional needs to the innovative ideas that are changing how you work.

The 200+ concurrent sessions are organization into the following tracks:

Business Management & Strategy
Get the insights you need to build and sustain a strategic business perspective at your organization. these dynamic, interactive sessions cover the basics of business skills and groundbreaking new ideas for true transformation.

Compensation & Benefits
Here you’ll find the tools, resources and information you need to build effective and attractive compensation and benefits programs. With sessions that cover the impact of health care reform, as well as the basics of a strong benefits program, you’re sure to get the education you need.

Employment Law & Legislation
Compliance will also be a key component of your job, even as you work to build partnerships with your executive team and develop your strategic expertise. these sessions help you understand the impacts of current and upcoming legislation, and prepare for what’s next.

International HR
From managing remote teams, to intriguing case studies of multinational success stories to increasing your leadership competence that translate across borders, these sessions provide a comprehensive look at the current and emerging global business trends that all HR practitioners need to know.

Talent Management
Though strategies evolve and ideas advance, one thing remains constant: the success of your organization lies in your ability to attract and retain the right people for the right job. Get the resources and ideas you need to build and maintain talent management strategies that really work.

Personal & Leadership Development
Professional growth can provide a path to career advancement; personal development can provide new horizons. Get transformative leadership development to hone your skills and your perspectives to be a better, stronger you.

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