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OFCCP to Discontinue Inspections of I-9’s by Robert Newland

Sources at the OFCCP have confirmed that the agency will no longer continue the practice of inspecting I-9’s as part of their compliance reviews. This move will allow the agency to focus more energy in compliance areas where they have enforcement power.

If you are gearing up for an on-site visit by the OFCCP or have received a Scheduling Letter, make sure to confirm with the Compliance Officer (CO) that I-9 inspections will not be part of the process. If the CO is unclear, verify with OFCCP Regional or District offices as not all staff may be fully clear in the policy change.

For questions about I-9’s and other OFCCP-related matters call at 800-707-9250, ext. 246, email me at, or visit our website:

Posted by Robert Newland