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HR Tampa Conference & Expo-ROAR 2014

Career_GPSRobert Newland, President & CEO of CPI Florida Caribbean spoke at the 2014 HR Tampa Conference & Expo on the topic of “Creating Your Career GPS – Driving Engagement & Improving Retention.”

To download a copy of his presentation, please click here. 


Robert Newland is a socially conscious entrepreneur and consultant. He is an equity owner at Career Partners International (CPI), one of the largest talent management consultancies in the world with more than 220 offices and 2,000 consultants in over 40 countries. They have expertise in the areas of executive assessments, coaching, a global career transition practice and divisions in executive search and HR consulting. He is their Market President of the Florida Caribbean Region and Chair of its Global Research Institute.  Robert has been a member of the Board of Governors and Region Leader for Latin America.

Today’s economic environment is creating the perfect storm in talent management with a workforce has been stretched thin and overworked in the past few years. Compound that with lots of uncertainty under never-ending layoffs, and employees are ready to make a move. Can you afford to have your HIPO’s and stars leave? Can you afford to have workforce suffering from presentism? In this program we will address how proactive career management of your employees can address the issue of talent drain as the economy continues to improve.

This presentation will cover:

• The cost of doing nothing. Understanding the business case for dealing with disengagement and talent drain.
• How to use career management to drive engagement of your workforce and retention of HIPO’s and top performers.
• Proactively managing your career to add value in your organization. It begins with you!
• Coaching managers and supervisors to conduct effective career management sessions.
• How to build an organization-wide plan for proactive career management.


Save the Date: August 27, 2014
USF Marshall Student Center
4202 E. Fowler Ave, Tampa Florida