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HR Americas

Will you be at HR Americas Conference: November 5-6, 2015 in Miami, FL?  If so, we hope to see you there!
The third annual HR Americas conference is almost here. With a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean, this two-day event will connect you with leading industry experts.
This year their focus will be on the role of HR in an era of rapid change, disruption and transformation featuring
Career Partner International’s Chairman of Global Research Institute, Robert Newland,
as part of our distinguished line-up of speakers!  
Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and network with other high-level HR executives. 
2015 Guest Speakers:

Odilon Almeida
Western Union’s President, Americas
& European Union

Bryan Adkins
Denison Consulting’s CEO

Robert Newland
Career Partners International,Chairman of Global Research Institute

Grethel Kunkel
Stanley Black & Decker’s VP, Commercial Excellence, Global Emerging Markets

Judith von Seldeneck
Diversified Search’s Founder & Chairman

Corey Heller
Intermountain Healthcare’s CHRO & Vice President

Barbara Marder
Mercer’s Sr. Partner & Global Innovation Leader

Steve Cadigan
Cadigan Talent Ventures’ CEO



Discount available for Clients and Partners of 
Career Partners International
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and save $100 on your first registration
Additional tickets available at a 50% special discounted rate
All discounts will be automatically applied upon check out
For more information go to HR Americas or contact Nilda Bernal, 
Director of events at (305) 441-2244 or