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Location:  Webster University, North Campus, (Sanlando Center)

2180 W State Rd 434, 5th Floor, Longwood, FL 32779, 407-869-8111

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GOSHRM Half-Day Career Fair


Effective Networking Techniques for Job Searching,

 Robert Newland, President, CEO, Career Partners International

Many people place a lot of emphasis on their resume when they are ready to hit the job market, but the fact of the matter is: most of the good jobs come through effective networking. Join Robert Newland in this interactive session where you will learn how to network and sell your potential to prospective employers.


What You Need to Know About Getting Certified

Lynda Rodriguez, HR Director, L&R Group of Companies

Do you know what competencies you need to focus on?

Do you know exactly what to expect from the certification exam?

Do you know what will work for you during your study time?

Come to this session and learn what you will need to do to successfully complete your exam the first time


Mock Interviews

Do you need to brush up on your interviewing skills?

Are you ready to answer competency-based behavioral questions?

Are your answers the “S.T.A.R.” of the interview?

Resume Reviews

What resume format (Chronological, functional or combination) is best for you?

Is your resume a biography, what you want in a job, or what employers want?

Is your resume a reminder for interviewers when you are gone?

Come ready and bring your resume and a job description of a role you’d like to pursue.

Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Melanie Denny, Career Coach, LinkedIn Strategist, Personal Branding Specialist, Author

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is over 300 million strong,

Ÿ  Is your Linked in profile powerful enough to attract the right career opportunities?

Ÿ  How should you approach your headline, summary, and experience?

Ÿ  How important is your professional profile picture?

Don’t get lost; get found!  Join us for a practical workshop and come out with tools to implement.

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