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GOSHRM: Keep Millenial Employees

Want to Keep Your New Millenial Employees? Then Stop Talking About Work-Life Balance!

When: November 17, 2015 5:30 pm – 8:15 pm

Where:Double Tree Downtown Orlando 60 South Ivanhoe Boulevard Orlando, Florida  32804 United States

Contact: Mea Pantoja   Phone: 817-781-2802

Registration Information
Online registration is available until: 11/13/2015

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Program Overview:

Start talking instead, about TEQ and other actions HR needs to take to keep the New Millennium and multiple generation interested, on board and engaged. Recently published in the March 2015, IHRIM Workforce Solutions Review. “Finding and keeping qualified people is the biggest challenge facing the Human Resource industry.” HR Director The workplace is not what it used to be. People are staying past their prime; the corporate ladder has crumbled; college grads have job titles that sound like something out of a science fiction flick; and nobody talks on the phone anymore. The global marketplace has become a myriad of different generations. What the multiple generations want from an employer, their expectations of corporate culture and their motivation to do what is best for organizations differs from generation to generation. Your challenge is NOT figuring out how to work together but how to interface with the varied generations to achieve financial success, personal growth and enriched company moral. Meagan tackles the generational challenges, myths and misunderstanding head on. Unwilling to accept standard by-the-book Generational Generalizations Meagan demonstrates to audiences, through her own in depth research and program customization, that all generations have differences and strengths that go beyond mere age and appearance. Move beyond complaining about the generations and revisiting old generational information. Learn from Meagan Johnson what you can do right now to make the most of all the generations.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply three ways to capture Baby Boomer talent before it evaporates
  2. Keep Generation X from leaving them for another employer
  3. Utilize strategies for preparing Generation Y to manage older employees
  4. Understand why New Millennials think their workplace stinks and what they can do about it
  5. Develop a social media policy at work that works

 About our Speaker:

Meagan Johnson is the co-author of the bestselling book Generations Inc., From Boomers To Linksters Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work. She is the de-facto expert when it comes to navigating the maze of generational quandaries’ every organization faces. Quoted by the Chicago Tribune, and US News & World Report, she has been heard on ABC Talk Live, NPR and profiled on Conde’ Nast’s Meagan has become the ‘Go To’ expert for all things generational. As a Gen Xer (people born between 1965 and 1980) Meagan takes on generational issues with an insider’s perspective. During the 1990s, while working for companies like Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods and Xerox Meagan often heard negative comments about Gen Xers. Terms like “slacker generation,” “gold collar workers,” and the “Beavis and Butthead generation” were not uncommon. Meagan knew those terms were unfair and untrue, so she began researching small and large businesses to debunk generational myths and uncover the most effective way to solve multi-generational clashes. That research gave birth to her most popular presentation, ZAP THE GAP How To Make Peace and Profit in a Multi-Generational World. Known as the Generational Humorist, Meagan has entertained and educated thousands of audience members from all around the globe. Amongst her many satisfied clients HCEA, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Cadillac, American Express, Harley-Davidson,, and the CIA (although the work she did @ the CIA is classified!)