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GMSHRM: 2017 Chapter Meeting

5 – 8:30 PM  Jan 17, 2017

If you missed Brant Menswar’s program Rock Style Leadership at HR Florida, you can catch him at GMSHRM’s January 17, 2017 evening program.

Brant Menswar is a Managing Partner of Banding People Together, a supergroup of behaviorists, strategists and real life rock stars with a passion and expertise around collaboration as it impacts team performance, employee engagement, leadership, culture and change.  Their cutting edge True Collaboration℠methodology has impacted the collaborative culture of companies like NASA, ESPN, Microsoft, Cisco, Honeywell, Sony Pictures, Hard Rock International, Hilton, Focus Brands and SunTrust.

Menswar is an award winning singer/songwriter who’s voice has been described as “gritty and magnificent” by industry titans like Billboard and Sirius/XM Radio. Brant serves on the Board of Directors for Children’s Home Society of Brevard and the Be Brave Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. He is a graduate of Florida Southern College where he earned a BA in Communications/Public Relations.

With this proprietary True Collaboration℠ methodology, you’ll connect heads and hearts, align people and process, and define the operational rhythm that makes your company groove. This science-based, music-infused approach enables everyone to find their voice, know their part, and perform with more passion and purpose. True Collaboration℠ turns reducers into producers and rings out the destructive interference in your organizational mix that kills productivity.

This program has been submitted for SHRM-SCP & CP and HRCI credits.