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FHA 2015

Instructions on How to Get Your FREE Digital Headshot Picture

1) See the gallery below, click “Open”

2) Scroll to find your picture.

3) When you find your picture, click on the “shopping cart” button on the bottom right when you hover over your picture.

4) This opens the shopping cart features. You should then scroll to the section where “Digital” pictures can be ordered.  (See Screenshot) and click the + sign to add one copy of the digital file to the cart.

5) Then proceed to click “View Cart” and check out.

6) The system will ask you for basic information to check out.  When you get to payment section, be sure to click “Offline Payment”.

7) Proceed to place order and the file will be digitally sent to the email you provide when it is ready.

8) If you love your picture so much that you want to order a hard-copy for yourself, feel free to take advantage of the other items available for purchase in the shopping cart area.

9) Any digital picture questions can be forwarded to Mindy Kerr Photography at 407-761-7019  or  info (at)