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Executive Search & Recruiting

Executive Search is one of our specialties.  We recognize that every organization has special and unique talent acquisition needs – needs that cannot be addressed with a simple “one-size-fits-all” approach.  To address our clients specific needs, we have created a set of multiple talent acquisition services to strategically align ourselves with their particular recruitment and business requirements.

Executive Search Firm | Orlando | Miami | Tampa | CPI FloridaIf the goal is to find a strategic recruitment solution, whether it is for your high volume recruitment needs, hire a single position in multiple locations or recruit that important executive, we have recruitment solutions for every business need across multiple industries.   Each service provides our client a different solution to the most unique talent acquisition requirements.

  • Retained Executive Search

  • Diversity Recruitment

  • Project Recruitment

  • Recruitment Research

  • Affirmative Action Consulting

We are dedicated to providing service beyond the traditional recruitment and evaluation process.  Inspired to provide our clients with superior results, we have established a “real-time feedback” system that allows for continuous improvement in the quality and user-friendliness of our service.  Quality of our executive search and talent acquisition services is directly connected to selecting the perfect consultant for each assignment.

Executive Search Levels/Types:

C-Suite, Senior Executives, Middle Management, Senior Professionals, Technical, Sales

Industry Sectors:

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Devices

  • Financial

  • Hospitality

  • Consumer Products

  • Non-Profit

  • Entertainment

  • Construction

  • Beauty

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Energy

With over 20 years’ experience serving multiple industries, our Executive Search and Talent Acquisition Practice is designed to identify the ideal candidate who can enhance the mission and culture of our clients.  Our team has the expertise required to conduct diversity focused searches and is committed to providing a diverse slate of candidates to all our clients.

We also have a team of  I/O psychologists who can administer a broad range of assessment tools if desired by the client for screening candidates.  We provide the complete Talent ID/Interview/Hire solution to our clients.

Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean and Newland Search and Consulting is ready to partner with your organization. With offices in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and San Juan, Puerto Rico; we can partner with your organization not only locally but also with our global partnership of over 270 offices in 48 countries.  Reach out to us today to begin.