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Do you have a solid development plan for your talent?

Having the right talent in place is only part of the equation for success. Building employee capabilities and developing a leadership pipeline is a vital part of the equation too!

Helping employees remain adept and achieve their full potential to contribute to the success of the company assists organizations in achieving optimal performance and competitiveness now as well as in the future. Employees, at all levels, value a plan for their continued growth and development which promotes retention, another essential ingredient especially when it comes to critical roles and key talent.

Career Partners International partners with employers to foster their employees’ professional growth and build leadership pipelines.  From executive coaching to leadership development, our seasoned experts embrace our clients’ business strategies and deliver services that challenge their employees to achieve their highest potential. In addition, we provide measurement techniques that can demonstrate to top management a quantifiable return on talent investment.  With the help of our talent development experts, we can put your employees on a career track to keep them engaged in the growth of the organization, challenged to succeed in their career path and even give you a competitive advantage in attracting top talent.

Leader Development and Coaching

Today’s business environment requires leaders who can effectively introduce new strategies, implement changes, engage the workforce and move their businesses beyond the competition. Through our leadership development programs and coaching services, organizations can enhance current leader capabilities and prepare future leaders in capabilities such as coaching, conflict management, decision-making, delegating, mentoring, motivating, and performance management.  Programs can be designed to include assessment and feedback, action teams, coaching, and support to promote changes that align leadership and organizational performance. Our expert consultants recognize that each organization has its own unique leadership development needs and competencies that are integral to their success. That’s why we tailor programs to align with our client’s specific requirements and expectations and integrate them with any existing talent management initiatives in the organization for a comprehensive and cohesive approach.

Team Building and Development

Achieving organizational success requires a team effort! Yet having a shared objective is not enough to break down barriers that may exist and unite individuals to work together effectively.  High performing teams share not only common objectives; they also share trust, commitment, and a sense of accountability to achieve results through positive collaboration.

Our consultants possess significant experience and expertise working with individuals, entire teams and leaders to yield higher performing teams that consistently improve effectiveness and business performance.  Our approach combines proven methodologies with effective tools and resources to break down silos, build trust and engage team members to share commitment and accountability for team results. Working with your leaders, our consultants identify the needs of each team and develop solutions that might include assessments and feedback, workshops and group or individual coaching to guide the participants to become more effective. Organizations can be assured that participants will walk away with renewed motivation for enhancing team performance, leadership, and unity to drive organizational success.

Career Development

Create a culture of learning while empowering employees to manage their own careers! Career development initiatives prepare employees to achieve their professional goals and align them with the goals of the organization. Through a variety of programs, employees can keep their skills current, strengthen their knowledge, and explore the skills needed to pursue their career dreams. Program designs may include assessment and feedback, planning, support, coaching and other tools that provide participants a transformational experience to reflect and rejuvenate their commitment. In addition, our career development experts can help employers design career paths for advancement of individuals across various organizational functions.

Succession Development

Without a succession plan and commitment to proactively developing employees, organizations are at great risk. Whether the need arises from closing skills gaps of potential leaders or unexpected departures of key employees in critical roles, commitment to the succession development process can be an organization’s best safeguard to ensure the continuity of operations and the success of the organization. With proven and effective resources, Career Partners International helps organizations map, assess and develop the talent of their present and future leaders by providing comprehensive assessments, critical skill building, and a strategy that is vital to a smooth transition. Using the appropriate succession planning tools and individualized development plans, we help identify and grow the leaders of tomorrow in your organization.

The Career Partners International Advantage

Our global presence allows us to leverage worldwide expertise to develop and grow individuals, teams, leaders and executives.  Our experts bring different regional and cultural perspectives to enhance the development and career planning experiences for both the employer and the employee. With so many resources available in different parts of the globe, we can make any development initiative as local or as broad as the employer desires.  Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean and Newland Search and Consulting is ready to partner with your organization. With offices in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and San Juan, Puerto Rico; we can partner with your organization not only locally but also with our global partnership of over 270 offices in 48 countries.  Reach out to us today to begin.