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CPI Florida Caribbean Welcomes New Senior Staff

Career Partners International, Florida Caribbean would like to welcome Maria Drew (SVP South Florida & Latin American Markets) and Syd Snyder (Senior Executive Consultant) to the team.

Maria Drew has been a key executive in the South Florida region, having played significant senior talent management roles in companies like The Walt Disney Company and Atento Holding, to name a few. She also spent a number of years as EVP South Florida and Caribbean for another global talent management organization.

“Maria Drew’s business acumen, proven track record and understanding of the Latin American markets make her a unique asset to build our practice in South Florida,” added Robert Newland, CEO for Career Partners International, Florida Caribbean. “Her presence and the creation of our South Florida office will be key in serving client demands in the region and to better coordinate services with our offices throughout Latin America.”

Prior to pairing with Career Partners International, Florida Caribbean, Syd Snyder directed the executive coaching program for Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” professional service firms with 5,000+ partners for 8 years. During that time, he managed 75 – 100 coaching assignments each year. “This is the kind of experience we will bring to our clients when designing or reviewing their Executive Coaching programs,” said Newland.

According to Robert Newland, “Syd Snyder has worked closely as a consultant to senior partners for nearly 20 years and is well-suited to provide executive coaching services to senior executives and leaders in all industries and functional areas. He is also an expert in crafting support strategies for executives who appear to struggle with addiction or other psychological and emotional disorders.”

Please join us in welcoming Maria and Syd to the team!