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Complimentary Lunch and Learn Session: The Manager as Coach

Organizations often ask management to lead, but seldom do they tell them how, nor do they provide a common language for leading. Numerous studies have also shown that organizations which proactively coach their employees constantly outperform the competition.

  • Do you feel that your organization and its management could benefit from a common leadership language?
  • Do you feel your employees have more to give in order to improve performance?

For more than 20 years our firm has been providing high-quality recruitment and talent management services. Newland Associates is now pleased to offer you and your organization a complimentary Lunch and Learn Session for your management team on the topic of The Manager as Coach – a Performance Driven Approach.

This action-filled session will impart your team with knowledge to better lead your employees utilizing the fundamentals of Career Partner International’s (CPI) Manager as Coach Learning Series. This program places emphasis in leadership through coaching, while creating sustainable peer groups that will continue to learn from one another.

The Lunch and Learn session will include exercises and hands-on tools for management to better lead their staff. Facilitation will be provided by one our consultants, all of whom are carefully vetted by our senior staff…you will not be disappointed!

To schedule your complimentary Lunch and Learn session today, click on this link (REGISTER), or paste the address below into your internet browser:

Would you like to know more first?  Please call us at (407) 771-4141, ext. 240.

Scheduling of sessions will depend on location and staff availability. The complimentary session offer is exclusive to management and executive level participation, and upon qualification of the company and group.