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The Power of Knowledge Transfer – Preserving Your Secret Sauce While Mitigating Talent Management Risks


Few organizations can say with any degree of certainty that they will have the workforce needed to execute their strategy one to three years from now. Over the past two decades, a new field has emerged to assess and methodically reduce talent risks, and to enable an organization to protect its “secret sauce”— the unique and vital knowledge employees possess that keeps the day-to-day operation in motion, drives creativity and innovation, and sets the company apart from its competition. We call this field knowledge transfer.

What is Knowledge Transfer?

Knowledge transfer means replicating the expertise, wisdom, and skills possessed by critical professionals in the heads and hands of their coworkers. While knowledge transfer is often associated with on-the-job training and mentoring, it means much more than this. Simply put, it moves the right skills at the right time to keep a workforce prepared, productive, innovative, and competitive. Read More

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The Workforce Revolution: Implications for Leaders

By Debra Magnuson, Career Partners International – Twin Cities

Executive Summary

With Baby Boomers beginning their moves into retirement and Generation Z, the youngest generation, now entering the workforce, the needs and expectations of employees are changing.

To provide insight into the importance and impact of this workforce revolution, Career Partners International, one of the largest talent management solution providers in the world, hosted researcher and author Dan Schawbel for a webinar entitled “Generation Z: Understanding the Next Generation of Worker.” This document discusses the concepts introduced during the webinar, as well as practices that engage employees of all ages, concluding with solutions to help organizations thrive by leveraging the strengths of the new workforce.

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Ex-celerating Success – The Power of Executive Onboarding


Executive Summary

Half of newly hired executives quit or are fired within the first three years. Almost as many who change jobs or are promoted (40%) fail within the first 18 months. With such alarming numbers and the high costs of executive recruitment, why do more organizations not have a formal executive onboarding approach to assimilate executives for success?

To provide insight into the importance and impact of a strategic onboarding approach, Career Partners International, one of the largest talent management solution providers in the world, hosted a webinar entitled “Ex-celerating Success: The Power of Executive Onboarding.” This document summarizes and discusses the concepts introduced during the webinar. Read More

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The Risky Business of Layoffs… Lawsuits, Tarnished Brands & Less than Engaged Employees


During difficult economic times, companies often have to do whatever they can to reduce and control costs, which typically includes reducing their workforce. Even in good economic conditions, reductions in the workforce remain a cost cutting strategy that many organizations utilize.

Despite being perceived as a “normal course of business” in any economy, leaders take actions, often in haste, that unfavorably affect their workforce, brand image and business results. This can potentially expose the organization to a variety of risks such as lawsuits, tarnished brands and less than engaged employees, all of which can carry a hefty price tag. Read More

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