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Engagement as a Solution to the High Cost of Burnout

By: Cheryl Lynn Dratler, Senior Career Consultant for Career Partners International Florida – Caribbean

What’s secretly killing employee engagement?

preventing-professional-burnoutStunning reports on burnout levels in health care have forced organizations like Mayo Clinic and other major players to invest heavily in interventions.  Critical care providers are experiencing annual increases in severe burnout. One study found that 45-55% of physicians across all specialties experience burnout (compared to 26.2% of working adults in the general population!).

These burnout rates should be unacceptable to top management. Burnout is serious, and it’s a formidable enemy of sustained engagement and productivity.  Some executives are investing in interventions to counter the consequences of burnout. Their concern goes well beyond caring about employees; it’s also smart business. Read More

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How Do People Really Find Their Next Job?

How to find a job quickly using an outplacement company who will coach and leverage your network.Career Partners International (CPI), one of the largest career management consultancies in the world and with offices throughout Florida, shares the latest research and current statistics surrounding how people actually find jobs. Read More

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Are You Tapping into the Raw Talent Around You?


There is a plethora of raw talent that many companies may not be utilizing. In a job market that is brimming with qualified, experienced workers, recent college grads with limited experience are finding job opportunities scarce in their chosen field of study. Has your organization considered bringing on an intern from this body of potential workers?

Internships, if set up correctly, help soon-to-be graduates gain valuable experience as well as bring their own unique perspective to the workplace. For small businesses, interns may provide short-term assistance for critical projects, the ability to help support an influx of business, or just provide an extra pair of helping hands. Read More

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How Onboarding Executives is Key to Success

Half of newly hired executives quit or are fired within the first three years. Almost as many who change jobs or are promoted (40%) fail within the first 18 months. With such alarming numbers and the high costs of executive recruitment, why do more organizations not have a formal executive onboarding approach to assimilate executives for success? Read More

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