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Career Partners International hosts Global Panel Discussion

“Circumnavigate the Globe – Employee Engagement Strategies across the World”

Join an illustrious panel composed of Career Partners International experts from all around the world to learn about employee engagement strategies being utilized today in North America, Latin America, EMEA and Asia.

Panel Discussion:

Driving employee performance through engagement strategies is one of today’s hottest talent management issues.

Add to that an international component and it becomes a major business challenge. Come learn from a global panel of experts that will share with you their experiences in implementing employee engagement strategies and the cultural nuances that affect it across the globe during Career Partners International (CPI) Annual General Conference.

The panel will precede a social gathering where you will be able to mingle and exchange ideas with over 50 CPI shareholders from every continent on the planet.


Robert Newland, CPI Florida Caribbean Shareholder & Chair Global Research Institute (Moderator)
Miriam Magner-Flynn, Career Decisions CEO, Shareholder CPI Ireland & Region Leader EMEA
Manuel Cubas, CPI Perú Shareholder
Simon Wan, CPI China Shareholder
Linda Sweet, CPI Chicago Shareholder

Presented by Career Partners International
2015 Annual Global Meeting

Thursday, March 5, 2015
The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami
3 pm – 6:30 PM: Panel Discussion followed by a reception

This program has been approved by the HR Certification Institute for 1 GPHR credit.

Please click here to Pre-Register. You will then receive an event pass.

*Due to the distinct nature of this global panel, we can only extend the invitation to senior talent management executives with responsibility over multiple locations, regions or countries. In lieu of charging a fee for this event, we’ll be accepting donations to benefit the SHRM Foundation.