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Career Partners International Continues Global Growth

Chapel Hill, NC (June 13, 2014) – Career Partners International, one of the world’s largest global providers of outplacement services, executive coaching and other talent management solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of new office locations in Canada and the United States.

By vote of its equity owners to add Lefebvre & Fortier to the organization, the firm now delivers exceptional talent management services to Québec City. Additionally, Career Partners International expanded its presence in the southern United States to include New Orleans, Louisiana. The addition of these locations enlarges the firm’s global footprint to one of the largest in the industry with more than 220 offices in 48 countries.


“We’re excited about this expansion,” shared David P. Hemmer, President and CEO of Career Partners International. “We are committed to providing our clients with the most experienced and accessible executive coaches, career consultants and other talent management professionals in their local market.”

Leading Québec City is François Lefebvre, co-founder of Lefebvre & Fortier. Lefebvre has been servicing the human resource community for more than 25 years in Québec City and Eastern Quebec. Renowned for his genuineness, transparency and attention to clients, Lefebvre specializes in career management and talent search. He holds a Masters in organizational development and a Bachelor degree in Industrial Relations.”

Robert_T_Spencer2_-_Copy-process-s150x210Robert Spencer has been appointed Managing Director responsible for all practice areas in the Louisiana office. Spencer possesses more than 20 year of experience with Fortune 500 companies leading enterprise-wide diversity initiatives, succession planning, workforce planning initiatives, talent acquisition, college recruiting, employee and leadership training and development efforts.

While others in the industry continue to consolidate operations and close offices, Career Partners International experienced another record year of revenue growth and continues to strategically grow its global presence to support its clients and their employees. Earlier this year the firm added locations in Finland, Italy and the United Kingdom, and in 2013 added 22 offices in Europe, South America, the Middle East, and North America, enhancing its capabilities to provide global executive coaching and career transition services.

Global expansion is just one of the many exciting growth initiatives for Career Partners International. In response to increased demand for services, the firm recently certified an additional 39 career consultants to work with its career transition and outplacement services participants. The rigorous certification process ensures only seasoned career consultants who possess the knowledge and expertise lead the firm’s outplacement participants in successful achievement of their career transition goals.

Career Partners InternationalCareer Partners International incorporates leading-edge technology in its delivery of outplacement services yet never loses sight of the fact that personal guidance provided by career consultants is the most valued and impactful aspect of outplacement services. In 2014 Career Partners International’s outplacement participants averaged just 3.2 months to achieve their career objectives, almost 3 times lower than the national average reported in the United States by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Sharon Imperiale, Chairman of the Board for Career Partners International added, “Producing results is important, especially at what is often a difficult and challenging time for the individuals who’ve been separated from their employers. Everyone in our organization recognizes the importance of the work we do every day and the impact we have on these people’s lives.”

A recent survey of Career Partners International’s outplacement service participants revealed that 98.8% have experiences that exceeded or met their expectations. Additionally, the organization received from its outplacement participants an exceptionally outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 70, 20 points above what is considered excellent for NPS. The firm recently adopted the Net Promoter approach to gauge the loyalty of its participants, asking how likely they are to recommend the services of Career Partners International to others.

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