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Career Partners International Certifies Additional Consultants in its Manager as Coach Learning Series

Career Partners International, the leading global provider of outplacement, executive coaching, career transition and other talent management solutions.

Chapel Hill, NC (09/05/14) – To meet growing demand, Career Partners International, the leading global provider of outplacement, executive coaching, career transition and other talent management solutions, announced today the certification of twelve additional consultants across the globe in its Manager as Coach Learning Series® (MACLS).

In response to growing concerns about employee engagement, Career Partners International developed Manager as Coach Learning Series® to assist its clients. MACLS helps managers and leaders develop coaching skills that inspire excellence in others while building and maintaining a coaching culture that drives organizational performance.  The series is grounded in research such as that conducted by Bersin & Associates which found that organizations whose senior leaders “very frequently” make an effort to coach others have 21% higher business results. The same research also found 39% stronger employee results through engagement at organizations where managers are effectively prepared to coach.

The five-week certification course ensures consultants possess the skills and expertise required to effectively implement the leader development solution that builds and sustains a coaching culture within organizations around the world.

“The Manager as Coach Learning Series® is powerful,” commented David P. Hemmer, President and CEO of Career Partners International. “It provides leaders with the tools and resources to unlock their own potential as well as those of their teams. These consultants join a highly sought after group of certified facilitators across the globe who are helping organizations increase their employee engagement and organizational success with MACLS.”

“Congratulations to my husband and business partner, Michael McDonald, and all of the graduates who received consultant certification in the Manager as Coach Learning Series®,” stated Leslie Rose McDonald, President of Pathfinders CTS, Inc./Career Partners International – Syracuse. “Adopting a coaching model in organizations moves the entire workforce toward peak performance. This program was designed to shift the thinking and behaviors of leaders from disciplinarian to coach, making organizations more effective at achieving business goals.”

The tailored approach of Manager as Coach Learning Series® enables certified consultants to meet the individual needs of organizations by developing and enhancing skills, qualities and behaviors in managers and leaders necessary to effectively coach others. Adult learning principles enable those that participate in MACLS to utilize a simple 5-step coaching process to improve employee engagement, productivity and accountability in their organizations. Fore more information on MACLS, please contact Arianne Parra at