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Career Partners International Announces New Offices


Chapel Hill, NC (May 20, 2014) – Career Partners International, the world’s largest global provider of outplacement services and talent management solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of its newest office locations in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. The addition of these locations expands the firm’s global footprint to more than 220 offices in 48 countries. Plumleee & Associates – A Career Partners International Firmplumlee

Plumlee & Associates LLC joins the existing 73 equity owners of Career Partners International. “We believe the future to be very bright with our expanded firm and strategic alignment with Career Partners International,” stated J. Martin Plumlee, Owner and Senior Principal of Plumlee & Associates. “Our boutique approach to developing long-term relationships with client companies completely aligns with the values of Career Partners International.”

“Bringing local expertise in career transition and talent management services to our clients around the world is a top priority for us,” shared David P. Hemmer, President and CEO of Career Partners International. “We excited about adding the expertise of Martin and his team.”

Career Partners International continues to experience tremendous growth. In 2013 and thus far in 2014, the firm has added a total of 29 offices across Europe, South America, the Middle East, and North America. It expects to continue its global growth throughout 2014.

“Our clients benefit the most from our continued strategic expansion,” said Hemmer. “We are committed to bringing them the most accessible and respected resources to help with their most challenging talent management issues.”

Global expansion is just one of the many exciting initiatives for Career Partners International. The firm also added Knowledge Transfer as a new service offering and enhanced Momentum™, its proprietary global web-based platform that brings critical career transition resources and job opportunities to its outplacement participants.