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Career Partner International launches its Global Research Institute

smallComing out of this year’s partner Annual General Meeting, Career Partners International (CPI) has launched its Global Research Institute. It will be spearheaded by Robert Newland, a CPI shareholde

The CPI Global Research Institute is comprised of CPI shareholders and senior consultants from across the world, including the United States, China, Australia, England, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Argentina, Colombia and Israel. It will also include a number of clients that will serve as members of the Institute’s Global Advisory Board.r and CEO for the Florida Caribbean Region. Robert has other prior leadership roles within the organization, including Leader for the Latin American Region and Member of the Board of Directors.

Robert’s initial reaction is one of excitement, “We have always been at the forefront of thought leadership in our industry, but we’ve never really had a formal framework to organize our research and conduct it in a more structured fashion. I am certain that our work will have global impact in talent management and can’t wait to roll out our research activities.

The CPI Global Research Institute will include a number of one-off research pieces, in addition to yearly benchmarks and pulse surveys. Career Partners International expects to have sufficient data to report on both, regional and global perspectives.