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Affirmative Action

Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean and Newland Search & Consulting is a leader in helping federal contractors understand and comply with the government’s changing EEO/AA agenda. More than ever, your organization is exposed to serious litigation risks and faces the payment of fines and punitive damages should it be found to be in non-compliance of OFCCP rules and regulations. The combined expertise of our team brings decades of relevant experience in statistics and compliance-related analyses across different industries such as banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, engineering, construction, and education. When you need OFCCP compliance-related services, affirmative action consulting or training, call the team that knows the OFCCP audit process from both sides of the desk™.

Affirmative Action Plans – Let our highly experienced Former OFCCP Compliance Officer help you with:

  • Preparation of your Affirmative Action Plan
  • Preparation of Narratives or Statistical Reports
  • AAP Seminars for Management
  • Online Recordkeeping Assessments
  • Applicant Tracking Implementation

Compensation Analysis

  • Strategic Consultation
  • Assistance with Establishing Similarly Situated Employee Groups
  • Preliminary Data Analysis to Identify Explanatory Factors
  • Inferential Statistical Analysis Using Independent Samples t-Tests and Multiple Linear Regression
  • Assistance with Cohort Analysis
  • Back Pay and Make Whole Relief Computations
  • Analytical Summaries
  • Consultation with Former OFCCP Compliance Officer

OFCCP Audit Support

  • Full Support During an OFCCP Compliance Review
  • Response to OFCCP Scheduling Letter
  • Submissions to OFCCP Requests for Additional Information
  • Mock Audits (on-Site & Desk Audits)
  • Conciliation Agreement Reporting

Test Development & Validation

  • Establish the critical requirements of the job
  • Recruit and train Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Schedule and facilitate workshops with SMEs
  • Conduct statistical analysis to evaluate test fairness and validity
  • Develop validation documentation if your test is ever challenged in court
  • Set defensible pass points

Additional HR & Compliance Services

  • HR, W&H & I9 Audits
  • E-Verify, EEO-1, Vets-100 Reporting
  • Outreach & Employment Tax Credits
  • Job Analysis & Job Descriptions
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Compensation Analysis

Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean and Newland Search and Consulting is ready to partner with your organization. With offices in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and San Juan, Puerto Rico; we can partner with your organization not only locally but also with our global partnership of over 270 offices in 48 countries.  Reach out to us today to begin.