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Affirmative Action Regulatory Update Webinar


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Affirmative Action Regulatory Update. 
Brought to you by Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean.
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Affirmative Action Regulatory Update
Wednesday, 9/30 at 1 PM
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Our Senior Vice President of Compliance will be hosting a webinar on
the latest news and developments on Affirmative Action.
Beatriz Newland heads our Affirmative Action Services division and will be delivering powerful updates that can affect your organization.  You don’t want to miss out on this webinar!
Latest News and Developments
  • Promoting Pay Transparency
  • LGBT Workplace Equality
  • Enforcement Focus
  • Individuals with Disabilities and Veterans Compliance
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Registering has multiple benefits to you. Secure your spot in the 1/2 hour webinar and if for any reason you can’t make it, you’ll also get the link to see the webinar after it goes live.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get an Affirmative Action Update from industry leading professionals.
Career Partners International, Florida-Caribbean