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2016 HR Florida

Instructions on How to Get Your FREE Digital Headshot Picture

Please be sure to follow our CPI Florida LinkedIn page.

1) Directly below these instructions, you will see the gallery, click on HR Florida 2016

2) Copy/paste or type the password exactly as you see it here —>     HRFL2016    

… it is cASe sEnsiTive.

3) Look for your image and click on it. Your picture will populate then click “Order Prints/Products”.

4) Next, click the box for “Social Media Digital Download” for your free picture.  Click “ok” on the next screen if prompted. (screenshot below)


5) Almost there!  All you need to do now is click the “Download Image” button and your pic will be downloaded instantly.


6) Be sure to check your “downloads” folder on the computer to use your picture for LinkedIn.

7) Social Media Digital file is completely free, however, there are prints available for purchase in the gallery as well, which would be shipped to you.

2016 HR Florida Gallery