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2014 Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon

JA BowlersCareer Partners International is EXCITED to announce it’s participation in the 2014 Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon, one of Central Florida’s largest FUNdraisers!

The JA Bowl-A-Thon has been a tradition since 1984, it’s a fun event, and JACF’s largest fundraiser. Each year, from February to June, more than 100 Central Florida companies and 10,000 participants can be found in bowling centers across Central Florida raising money for JACF. This year, JA bowlers will raise $750,000. Funds raised will support JA programs which provide financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurial programs to students, helping them develop the competence, confidence, and character to compete in a global economy.

The Impact JA Makes Is Possible Because Of Bowlers Like You!

Workforce Readiness

92% of JA alumni indicate they have the confidence that they can compete successfully in a business environment – twice the rate of students who did not participate in JA.


84% of JA alumni indicate their participation helped them bridge the gap between what they learned in school and how it can be applied in the real world.

Financial Literacy

“I donate because I know that participation…helps young people appreciate the importance of education and the value of a dollar. Kids today need to learn these lessons; they’re not always taught in school and many won’t learn them at home.” – JA Donor

If you wish to support our company by sponsoring one of our employees or joining our team as a bowler, please contact Arianne Parra at for more information.  Your help and contributions are greatly appreciated by thousands of Central Florida students!